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New Year's Station Rotation Activity

Welcome 2018!!! This past year seems to have flown by, and so to has my Christmas Break! I am super fortunate that I don't head back to school until January 9th, but since I have spent the last two weeks in pajamas, drinking coffee, and consuming carbs (heavenly time I tell you), I really need to buckle down and finalize my second semester plans for my English classes. I always like to welcome the new year with my middle school students by reviewing the previous year, and this year I have a fabulous station rotation lesson planned out.

3 Resources to Commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I have a dream." 
Could there be a more iconic phrase than this expression of hope and faith that rang out from the steps of the Washington Memorial more than 50 years ago? Analyzing this famous speech is hands down one of my favorite activities to do as a Language Arts teacher. I relish leading my students through a close read to learn from a master how to embed rhetorical devices into writing and to appreciate how one man's words can embody a movement.

Teacher Toolbox DIY

Make it Monday! Teacher's Toolboxes are one of my favorite projects. I always make a new one for incoming teachers to my grade level and department. I like this one so much though, I am not sure I can give it away!

I am a bit late to the pineapple craze that has been sweeping Instagram and Pinterest, but I have to say that this pineapple tropical themed Teacher's Toolbox is hands down one of my favorites. I am in love with the vibrant colors and watercolor look of the labels. Just looking at it makes me happy!

How to Manage Absent Student Work

Absences happen. Students get sick, families have emergencies, players leave for sports games or field trips, counselor and nurse visits abound, etc. Having a set procedure for how to collect absent student work, how to ensure that work ends up in the student's hands once they return, and how to grade and record the work once the student hands it back is vital for a well managed and productive classroom.

Below are some tips on how to manage absent student work.

Sticky Note Writing Checklists

My friends and family can let you in on a well-known secret: I am obsessed with coffee with peppermint mocha creamer, Flair pens, Astrobright papers, and Post-it notes. Those moments where I can work on a task that incorporates all four of these things makes me ridiculously giddy. Whether I am grading essays, setting up the family budget, or lesson planning, just give my essential four and we are good to go!

This quirky obsession actually created a delightful morning of grading my 7th graders' rough draft essays of The Giver the other day. Coffee in hand and Flair pen at the ready, I was ready to tackle the daunting stack, but I was missing one thing - my Writing Checklist Post-it notes! I rushed to my desk to print off a set, and let me tell you, it took less than four minutes to run off these colorful little beauties! The wonders of being organized.