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Happy New Year!

May this new year find you
healthier and happier,
peaceful, content, satisfied,
looking forward
to fresh, revitalizing interests,
a variety of pleasures,
interesting new people,
material and personal successes
to make this new year
the best one yet.
Happy new year!

Teach on my friends,

30-Day Challenge

30-day challenges! I cannot wait to lead my students in this 30-day challenge. Rather than assign 30 random things for students to do, this challenge requires students to choose one thing they want to add to or subtract from their life and focus on that one thing for 30 days. The simplicity of choosing one goal prevents students from being overwhelmed. Focusing on the goal for thirty days allows for enough time to pass for a new habit to be formed and stored. Grab a FREE copy of this lesson to use with your students from my TpT store.

Notice & Note Fiction Labels

My students LOVE to use highlighters when we read closely. 
They are more engaged with the text simply because they are excited to use a different colored highlighter. Since using Beers and Probst, Notice & Note:Strategies for Close Reading, strategies in my classroom, I have noticed the use of highlighting and annotating text skyrocket, but it drives me cray cray when my students use one color to represent multiple signposts or ideas. It becomes so much more difficult to see the patterns in the text.  To keep my kiddos organized and aware, I decided to step up my organizational skills (OCD) a notch and create signpost labels to go on class highlighter sets (the kids also have access to their own labels if they want to secure them onto their personal highlighters).

Notice & Note Nonfiction Labels

Here are some FREE nonfiction highlighter labels for Beers and Probst essential book, Reading Nonfiction: Notice & Note Stances, Signposts, and Strategies. Words cannot express how awesome I think these labels are! Functional and beautiful. The Avery 5160 labels fit Sharpie highlighters perfectly. Just looking at these gems make me happy because I know how much they will help my middle school students focus on their close reading and annotation.

Infographic Syllabus

I love handing out an eye-catching and engaging syllabus at the start of the school year. I think it sets the tone for my class by letting my students know exactly what is expected from them and what they can expect from me. I am obsessed with infographics at the moment, so obsessed that I decided to make my new syllabus into an infographic style handout.