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30-Day Challenge

30-day challenges! I cannot wait to lead my students in this 30-day challenge. Rather than assign 30 random things for students to do, this challenge requires students to choose one thing they want to add to or subtract from their life and focus on that one thing for 30 days. The simplicity of choosing one goal prevents students from being overwhelmed. Focusing on the goal for thirty days allows for enough time to pass for a new habit to be formed and stored. Grab a FREE copy of this lesson to use with your students from my TpT store.

Step One:

To warm students up to the idea of starting a 30-day Challenge, I will be showing them a three minute TED Talk by Matt Cutts. The lesson also has a QR Code for students to scan if you choose to assign this independently or students want to review the TED Talk at home. 

After watching the video, students will brainstorm lists of things they would like to add to or subtract from their life. I am going to assign students five minutes to do this and then have students share out things from their list. I will start a running master list of things that could be used for the challenge so students that are struggling with break brain (minuscule attention span and total writer's block) can have a reference. Students will then choose one thing from their lists to focus on for the next 30 days.

Step Two:

Once students have chosen the goal for their 30-day challenge, they will write their goal on the calendar page. Students will reference back to this page daily and write in the date for each day and track their progress towards their goal. I am also going top have the students complete a daily journal where they will reflect briefly on their progress, insights, challenges, etc. We are a 1:1 school, so most students will probably do this digitally, but I think it would also make a great journal.

Step Three:

Every seven to eights days, students will take a moment to do a formal reflection over their 30 Day Challenge progress thus far. To hold students accountable, I will have students share out their reflections / progress either to a peer, small group, or whole class. Once the 30 days are up, students will do a final reflection and set a new 30-day challenge for themselves. My plan is to complete four of these 30-day challenges during the second semester.

I can't wait to post my students challenges and progress! Let me know if you complete any 30-day challenges yourself or with your class. 

Teach on my friends,

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  1. For the last several weeks, I've been unsure what to do on January 9 when my freshmen return for the second semester. NOW I know! Thanks, Tori!