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Notice & Note Fiction Labels

My students LOVE to use highlighters when we read closely. 
They are more engaged with the text simply because they are excited to use a different colored highlighter. Since using Beers and Probst, Notice & Note:Strategies for Close Reading, strategies in my classroom, I have noticed the use of highlighting and annotating text skyrocket, but it drives me cray cray when my students use one color to represent multiple signposts or ideas. It becomes so much more difficult to see the patterns in the text.  To keep my kiddos organized and aware, I decided to step up my organizational skills (OCD) a notch and create signpost labels to go on class highlighter sets (the kids also have access to their own labels if they want to secure them onto their personal highlighters).
The labels help students remain consistent and purposeful when highlighting text rather than just grabbing which color is closest, and the highlighting allows students to visually see which signposts occur most often and draw conclusions based upon that. Cha ching!

I picked up 12 packs of Sharpie highlighter so I could have six different colors (one for each signpost). I love the 12 packs because now I have an extra five colors to use with Beers and Probst Reading Nonfiction signposts! I also grabbed a pack of Avery 18160 (just like Avery 5160) labels. These are the labels that have 3 columns of 10 and are used as address labels. I just printed the labels, peeled them off and secured them over the Sharpie title. Each label will over one side of the barrel, so you could use two to cover the entire barrel. 

These turned out amazing, if I do say so myself. I am not sure why I did not think of this before. I might actually be developing a highlighter label addiction because now I want to create sets for figurative language, Thinking Maps, house hold To Do lists, etc.

Here are the links for the PDF labels:
Green = Contrasts and Contradictions
Orange = Aha Moment
Blue = Again and Again
Pink = Words of the Wiser
Purple =  Tough Questions
Yellow = Memory Moment
Each label also contains the definition of the signpost and the essential question that goes with each signpost. Can you say "LOVE?!"

Simply download PDF copies of each label sheet (just click on the title of each signpost above), print them off on a set of Avery 5160 labels (or any other compatible version), peel, stick, and enjoy!

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