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Notice & Note Nonfiction Labels

Here are some FREE nonfiction highlighter labels for Beers and Probst essential book, Reading Nonfiction: Notice & Note Stances, Signposts, and Strategies. Words cannot express how awesome I think these labels are! Functional and beautiful. The Avery 5160 labels fit Sharpie highlighters perfectly. Just looking at these gems make me happy because I know how much they will help my middle school students focus on their close reading and annotation.

These highlighters have inspired me to create close reading table toolkits this summer. I am envisioning a toolkit for every group of four students. Each table toolkit will contain four sets each of the fiction and nonfiction highlighters, a variety of colored sticky notes, and laminated Notice and Note bookmarks (fiction on one side and nonfiction on the other).

In case you have not checked out my post containing the fiction labels, here is a quick reminder of the supplies I used to create these labels.  
*a 12 packs of Sharpie highlighters (this allowed me to have highlighters for fiction and nonfiction)
*a pack of Avery 18160 (just like Avery 5160) labels (these are the labels that have 3 columns of 10 and are used as address labels)  

To assemble, all I did was print the labels, peel them off and secure them over the Sharpie title. Each label will cover one side of the barrel, so you could use two to cover the entire barrel. 

Here are the links for the PDF labels:
Green = Extreme Language
Orange = Quoted Words
Blue = Word Gaps
Pink = Numbers & Stats
Yellow = Contrasts and Contradictions
Each label also contains the definition of the signpost and the essential question that goes with each signpost. 

Simply download PDF copies of each label sheet (just click on the title of each signpost above), print them off on a set of Avery 5160 labels (or any other compatible version), peel, stick, and enjoy!

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